Thursday, January 7, 2016

And another piece of evidence pointing to the inevitable extinction of our species

It just gets more surreal by the day, I swear.. 
I came across a post about how bullies are now running roughshod, unchallenged by their peers, because now the schools are cracking down on the children who are "bullying the bully" as a way to make them stop their behavior. Good lord, why am I not surprised at such idiocy? I can tell you.
My son was bullied in grade school.. Instead of disciplining the kids who tormented and abused him, it was easier for the admins to call him the trouble maker. inciting and asking for the older kids to repeatedly thump him in the back of the head with a large text book, day after day, during recess, or simply just punching him in the stomach when the faculty attendant was pointedly watching traffic on the road instead of the kids on the playground. Once they decided that he was the reason he was getting beat up every day and not the bully's responsibility for doing the beating, I understood when my son became angry, a bit hostile when it came to the adults he trusted to protect him so he could learn. Not only did he become frustrated and angry, my own made his look like a mild reaction given by someone half way to comatose. I was LIVID, and I told them so. I was beyond frustrated, shall we say, with the administrators and their excuses, blame and shame game that they used as a tactic in their attempted bullying of ME. 
So, when my son's attitude of distrust and contempt showed through to the useless playground monitor when he was getting punched less then fifteen feet from her, they stepped it up and labeled him as "oppositional-defiant disorder". I was threatened with court action in order to force me to take him to a psychiatrist and get him medicated at that point. I found my own therapist, refusing to take him to the pill pusher they strongly "recommended", simply because he fought back against the bully, once, and held those charged with his safety accountable for their failure. Some time later, the special ed teacher he was forced to have class with physically assaulted him by grabbing and jerking his arm, so he pulled away and his hand came into contact with her forearm as he pulled his body away from her assault, so she had HIM charged with assaulting HER. A TEN YEAR OLD had to go to court for assault charges against the teacher who was supposedly trained to cope with "difficult children", and knew better than to touch any child without permission or with compelling reason. Yes, I'm still angry, still vocal, and still "oppositional- defiant", But he isn't. He never was, 
He's now 28, was never medicated, and never had ODD, ADHD, or any other "mental or behavioral disorder" that they claimed he "suffered" from, and for which they tried to charge me with neglect because I didn't take the word of someone who doled out pharmaceutical speed like candy to kids as young as 5 and sleeping pills to the parents so they could "maintain their own sanity". What a racket. Now to the good part.. Pay attention, Class... there may be a pop quiz later....
Check out the list of criteria for this supposed "Disorder" they claimed my son who was clearly well-adjusted until that time suddenly acquired out of nowhere, with no known cause, and lots of "treatments" from pills to hospitalization available, provided your insurance was up to snuff....
The entire list of symptoms and behaviors is nothing but very ordinary, common, occasional behaviors of pretty much ALL CHILDREN, at varying stages in their lives. Ask any mother who's had more than two, and was a stay at home mom. We know normal behavior when we encounter it. None of the things on that list is anything other than what kids do while learning their limits. See what happens when you remove limits from kids? Even the psychs don't remember how kids once responded to them! Seriously, this is normal stuff.
Its how children grow up to learn how to become self-sufficient, trust their own judgement, question unsubstantiated claims, and THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Kids who exhibit the behaviors listed are considered a threat to the society the social engineers want to create, well, except those whose treatment leads to them becoming either too afraid to challenge their elders in any way, or such damage that renders them just a bit too dim to figure out that they're being trained as a good little monkey, whose sole purpose is to become a good big monkey one day. Shut up and take your pill.
From the May Clinic Website, under "Diseases and Conditions" 

"DSM-5 criteria for diagnosis of ODD show a pattern of behavior that:
Includes at least four symptoms from any of these categories — angry and irritable mood; argumentative and defiant behavior; or vindictiveness
Occurs with at least one individual who is not a sibling
Causes significant problems at work, school or home
Occurs on its own, rather than as part of the course of another mental health problem, such as a substance use disorder, depression or bipolar disorder
Lasts at least six months
DSM-5 criteria for diagnosis of ODD include both emotional and behavioral symptoms.
Angry and irritable mood:
Often loses temper
Is often touchy or easily annoyed by others
Is often angry and resentful
Argumentative and defiant behavior:
Often argues with adults or people in authority
Often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults' requests or rules
Often deliberately annoys people
Often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
Is often spiteful or vindictive
Has shown spiteful or vindictive behavior at least twice in the past six months
These behaviors must be displayed more often than is typical for your child's peers. For children younger than 5 years, the behavior must occur on most days for a period of at least six months. For individuals 5 years or older, the behavior must occur at least once a week for at least six months.
ODD can vary in severity:
Mild. Symptoms occur only in one setting, such as only at home, school, work or with peers.
Moderate. Some symptoms occur in at least two settings.
Severe. Some symptoms occur in three or more settings.
For some children, symptoms may first be seen only at home, but with time extend to other settings, such as school and with friends."
It scares the crap out of me that the psychiatric community gets away with pseudo-science like this, and many parents just let them drug their kids at the first mention of "mental disorder", and it's all just based on unproven opinions that their friends all agreed sounded good, would make them tons of money, would prevent individuality and creativity from spreading like the plague, and nothing more. Oh, yeah.. profits and power are winning over parents' discretion and those lucky few kids who actually get a childhood in spite of those who claim to be "protecting" them from the big bad world.

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