Monday, January 7, 2008

This Should Scare You!

I went to the website for Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ ( which he mentioned while
on the Oprah show. I didn't watch it, since Oprah has gotten too far into self congratulatory programs, but I was tipped off
by a friend who did. This is scary stuff, compared to the Christian right... and trust me, they scare me plenty!

As an American, I'm allowed to determine my own morality, as long as it does not conflict with law and the rights of others, so
any religion that believes they can determine my personal morality and acquires the powerbase to enforce it scares me to death, since I
was raised Catholic, and now am a Celtic polytheist (I study druidic teachings as well as ancient nordic, but do not belong to any church).

It does not surprise me that NO ONE has talked about Obama's church, faith, or practices within it, since the Libs always fear the
Christian Right, but not the Christian Left, which obviously Obama is a part of.
His church is blatantly racist, and revels in the fact, stating it clearly and succinctly. They support (black) Africa, but not America.
They consider themselves victims of pogrom, of all things - the Black Diaspora.

I don't know about you, but I myself have no illusions that his faith will play a huge role in his decision making, if he gets into office.
I have no illusions about any of the candidates in that respect. For me, its a matter of the lesser of evils, not who follows the
'right' religion. Lets face it, everyone believes their religion is the 'right' one. My fear is that his faith will lead him to make very
bad decisions for America and the people in it, since his faith is based on the support of and loyalty to Black Africa. At least I know
that the religious right are Americans first, even if they have the mistaken ideology that they can- and have a right to-
determine American morality through their own personal faith.

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rob said...

pretty astute, picking that up back in early January.