Friday, June 14, 2013

Well, DUH!

And now for something completely stupid.

I was channel surfing and hit The Documentary Channel at just the right moment. The show was "The Heretics," released in 2009; the show's description blurb said "The second wave of the Women's Movement". So, the tide had changed on the first one? Who'da thunk it?

All of my adult life I have lived, worked and played in what could be called (but not by me) "a mans world;" first in the Navy, in construction, as a security specialist, bartender and bouncer and even as a biker for a combined total of more than 35 years. Now, I don't generally foam at the mouth in the first place but I tend to take care of any such "issues" myself though it hasn't been necessary much.

Of course, I don't see the mere existence of men as oppression, a threat or an affront to my position as a strong,  empowered and fully-actualized "womyn" and "humyn being".

Still, the topic is mildly interesting to me so I paused in my rather forlorn search for something not completely stultifying to watch/listen to while on the 'puter. Lo and behold, I heard perhaps the most inane utterance in the history of television. A documentarian (and member of the Lesbian Mafia or, at the very least, the East Coast chapter of The Foaming Feminists Sensitivity Circle AND their all "womyn" orchestra) was bemoaning how much the world has NOT changed. 
"She speaks yet she says nothing; what of that?" so sayeth Saint William The Literate.
Brace yourselves, folks: the flannel queen spake the immortal words, "Women are still looked at different than* men are."

Gee, ya think?

I just had to share this with my roomie about it; the first thing she said was exactly the same thing that I yelled at the TV; "We ARE different from* men!"
I figure the few minutes I was exposed to this shit made me lose at least a dozen or so brain cells.
And now, you did too.

Toodles, kids.


*  We're both grammar nazi's and this is one of our least favorite semi-illiterate screw ups.


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