Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dogs, Big Dogs

I caught a bit of the Westminster Dog Show this evening.
I want a big dog. Well, a pony that looks and acts like a dog, really.
I've gotten it into my head to get a really REALLY big dog: I want a Mastiff.
I'm not a large person, really.. quite average, at 5'5", medium build. I want a dog that rivals my own weight. I want a goofy, floppy footed, bulky, dog.
I don't understand those who like the little, ankle biting yappy little bitches that fit in a purse. Why have a dog at all? Why not a cat, a ferret, or even a rat, gerbil, or guinea pig if you want a small animal?
I find you learn a lot about people by the animals they have, or don't.
I don't really know what it says about me that I have 2 cats, 2 snakes, a bearded dragon, and want more of all three types of animals, plus one really really big dog. I'd have dozens of animals, if I had the time, patience, and space, though.
I've never been a dog person, and have only had one of my own in my whole life. She was late middle aged when I got her, and we got along famously. She was my kind of people. Simone was a rough coated Collie- a Lassie. She hated little dogs, too. She'd lay on my feet, let me brush her, and hide in the bathtub when it thundered. She was quite cat-like, really... probably why we got along so well. I'd have a dozen dogs, too, if they were all like Simone. She died of old age a couple years ago, while in the care of my ex and two girls. I still miss her.
Okay.. that's my puff piece for the month!
I'll find something more interesting, less introspective, and downright ornery to write about later. I'm too tired tonight.