Monday, November 2, 2009

I've been thinking..

I've been pondering many disquieting things I've seen happening in Washington DC lately, trying to wrap my brain around them. I decided I needed to take a different approach and look at these decisions not individually but as a whole, rather than dealing with the Hate Crimes Bill, Stimulus Bill, Healthcare Bill, Cap and Trade Bill, Auto Industry Takeover, the upcoming Copenhagen Conference, proposed amnesty, targeted over-taxation of the wealthy, ad nauseum all separately. Many will disagree with me that these are problems at all, but I beg to differ based on the fact that the country has been fractured and factioned by them, not whether they are good decisions or bad ones.

What I've learned about figuring out large and many-faceted problems is that one must assume complete naiveté, and forget everything you think you know. Begin by asking questions- answers aren't as important as the imbalances revealed by the questions themselves. These imbalances lead us to the areas where we need to gather more data, or if enough exists we can compute a projection.

First question: "What does the government gain by this?" This question shows a distinct imbalance, in that seldom is this question asked by those outside the government itself. Most people assume that the government is acting in our best interest, not in their own best interest.

Answer- "Negative results will occur/have occurred by these decisions on several levels- both fiscally and socially." Fiscally, our nation is deeper in debt than any time in history, with no end in sight. Socially, we are being torn apart from within by the intentional fostering of the natural human tendency to separate into groups, by calling continuous attention to the differences we have in opinion and lifestyles among other things.

Second question: "What does the government gain by accepting negative results?" This question also shows distinct imbalance, in that you'd think nothing would be gained… until you actually ask the question and think longer on it.

Answer- "Instability." We are weakening financially and socially as a nation, a combination that historically creates internal instability within governments and nations.

Third question: "Who does stand to gain by the US government acquiring instability?" This question is the granddaddy of them all, showing a HUGE imbalance, by the disquieting thought that anyone at all stands to gain by it. But someone MUST.

Answer- "Not known- not enough data to determine a definitive answer from all available possibilities." The list is long.

What we do know without question is that our government is making many decisions that are contradictory to the good of the nation, both fiscally and socially. They are increasing the debt by astronomical amounts, and seemingly purposely driving a wedge between those who have and those who have less, Democrats and Republicans, Whites and Minorities, business owners and employees, etc.
The question that must be answered is, truly, who gains? That answer will tell us why the decisions have been made by the people making them.
We need more concrete data to answer it, at this point. I do have some ideas as to whom would gain.. but not enough to figure out who would gain enough to warrant our government's actions.

Once we have that answer, we will know what must be done to protect ourselves, maintain our freedoms, and maintain a prosperous nation as a whole. I just hope that answer doesn't come too late to do so.

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