Friday, January 16, 2009

The Power of Words

I was recently lambasted for the use of a certain word(s) used to denegrate people of particular ethinc backgrounds.
I refuse to be deterred, since I did nothing wrong.
We as a nation have been browbeaten, blackmailed, and lied to long enough when it comes to the utilizaton of vocabulary. Certain groups will have us believe that even the mere mention of a word is grounds for accusations of racism, bigotry, and hate.
Anyone can use any word or words they want -within context- without offense.
Even though offense is defined by the offended, and distinctly difficult to defend ones self against, when it comes to vocabulary within a defined context, those who choose to take offense have no ground to stand on.
For instance, it is nearly impossible to discuss constiutional law, if the word "whereas" is not allowed within that conversation. Read any text on the subject; the word is used nearly every other sentence! Few quotes, few arguments, few counters can be conducted on the subject without the use of the term- and very very few.
In a television show called "Cold Case", they had two episodes concerning racism. In both episodes, they used the word "Critter", first spraypainted on a wall and then on a car, as a replacement for the term "nigger". How can you expect to even begin to have a discussion of racism if you cannot even expose the terms used to offend? How can you defend yourself against it, or even know what it is when you see it, if it is never discussed? Kids are gonna be so confused!
Soon there will be a whole generation who don't even know that the use of that term is considered to be racist, since they hear it on a regular basis from some people, and it is fully accepted; yet no one else is allowed to use that word. The first time a single digit aged white child use that term, they will be reprimanded. They will ask why, and you had better have a damned good answer for them when it happens. Just saying that some people don't like the word won't cut it with the next generation of 12 year olds when half their friends use it, and the other half can't. And telling them that only black people can say it with impunity and whites can't will only DIVIDE the races even more. So much for equal rights, eh? Kids see it for what it is.
The fact that I am being implicitly prohibited from the use of any word at all absloutely infuriates me. You have no idea how angry I am about it. I love words. All words. Any words. No one has any right to restrict mine or prohibit mine, as long as I am within the constitutional amendment of free speech. And last time I checked, there were no specific words outlawed by my country, my constitution, nor my concience.
You can disagree, argue, and tell me to shut up all you want. But you CANNOT prohibit me. You can't even accurately accuse me of racism or bigotry in this case, or any for that matter, since I will not use any words in a manner describing such behavior.
What is considered to be racist vocabulary now will only continue to be considered racist vocabulary for as long as the divisions are kept. I do not divide. I utilize vocabulary based on intelligent discourse. A word is just a word, until meaning and intent are placed upon it. If you can't see the difference between people such as myself and real bigotry, I pity you- and dismiss you summarily and without recourse.